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Fotona For Telangectasia and Rosacea

Fotona For Telangectasia and Rosacea


Fotona Nd:YAG laser is indicated for the treatment of vascular damage to the surface of the skin caused by conditions like rosacea. Fotona treats vascular irregularities by coagulating the blood vessels that are visible on the surface of the skin. Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory reaction to reactive oxygen radicals within the skin cell system. The Fotona Nd:YAG laser has a 1064 nm wavelength that can effectively treat a wide range of vascular and pigmentation issues. Fotona’s Nd:YAG laser uses the Long Pulse (LP pulsation) setting to target red, purple, and violet pigmentation in the blood vessels of the skin by delivering controlled laser energy to coagulate them, thus reducing them in size and intensity.

What Are Treatments Like?

Treatments are quick and effective. Most patients require a series of treatments ranging anywhere from a single session for small areas or more monthly intervals until the discoloration has subsided. Patients can expect to feel a zapping sensation accompanied by heat, much like the snap of a rubber band. Fotona is a unique system that allows practitioners to provide customized treatment options for patients according to the characteristics of the areas they are looking to treat. This customization is done by adjusting the laser parameters to effectively destroy dilated blood vessels associated by their size, depth, and color.