A HIFU uses ultrasound to create heat at a deep level in the skin. This heat damages targeted skin cells, causing the body to repair them. To do this, the body produces collagen to aid in cell regrowth. Collagen is a substance in the skin that gives it structure and elasticity.

Benefits of high-intensity focused ultrasound

HIFU has many aesthetic benefits, including:

  • wrinkle reduction
  • tightening sagging skin on the neck (sometimes called turkey neck)
  • lifting the cheeks, eyebrows, and eyelids
  • enhancing jawline definition
  • tightening of the décolletage
  • smoothing the skin

How long the procedure will take?

The procedure can take from 60-75 minutes

When Can I see results?

Since we are working on the deepest layer of the skin, HIFU will take from 3-6 months to see the results, some patients might need another session after 6 months to get the optimal results.

How long the results will last?

 With HIFU the results will never unlast, but because we cannot stop the aging process, the results will last up to 3 years depend on the skin condition, products that we use and healthy life style

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